Tools: Create a free virtual tour of your church/youth center

Have you ever wanted to make your church/youth center more visitor friendly to people searching on the web? Virtual tours are awesome for allowing potential guest to see an environment, but unless you have big bucks and want to hire someone to do it, you’ve been out of luck. Until now…

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Tools: Texting Polls

Have you ever prepared a topic and wanted to know instantly how your congregation or students feel about an issue? Tomorrow, I’ll be asking our students if they’ve ever struggled with self-injury. Anyone who has a cellphone and basic text messaging will be able to respond during our services. I’ve talked about this service before, but I wanted to highlight it again.

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Ministry Tools: CreationSwap

Are you a youth minister without any design experience? Do you design for your ministry, but don’t always have the time to make something custom? Creation Swap is a tool worth looking at right now. They are PSD files (Photoshop) and normal JPG images that are designed specifically for ministry use. 

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360 View of Colorado

I am sitting in the Denver International Airport waiting for my flight back to Indy. A another youth pastor and I spent the past two days checking out a ministry opportunity that we’re bringing a 100 kids to this summer. Before we left, I snapped this 360 degree view of the road outside of Noah’s Ark Adventures. I wanted to give our students some eye candy so they can start getting excited. I think the iphone app was $1.99, but it was defantly worth it! It even comes with a free website so students can pan and zoom the shot. You gotta check it out!

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Ministry Tools-QuickSilver

This is another tool that most people don’t know about. I promise that if you use it, your workflow will become much quicker! I use it to search files and open applications. Set your own key stroke shortcut and you’re set!

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Ministry Tools-Evernote

I don’t know if you guys have heard of Evernote, but if you haven’t, you have no excuse now! I’ve been using this program for about a month now and it’s been a great experience. It’ll work on multiple smart phone platforms, your iPad, and your Mac. You can also install the Safari extension and save entire webpages and anything else you want.

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